Hannah Sedgwick


Leavenworth, KS location

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Friends University

Masters in Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

William Jewell College

BA Psychology

About Hannah

Two of my biggest passions are working with children/teenagers and working with athletes. I handle a variety of issues that include anger, depression, anxiety, performance anxiety, behavioral issues, ADHD, abuse/trauma, parenting, step parenting, and co-parenting during and after a divorce. I also provide EMDR for trauma related concerns.  In my previous work at the Child Abuse Prevention Association in Independence, Missouri, I worked with many children and teenagers who were victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  

Anxiety or stress over sports can happen at any age. As a former Division 1 track athlete at the University of Missouri, and a current record holder for pole vaulting, I understand the pressures that can come with competing at any level. I work to help athletes conquer their anxiety and stresses while competing.


I have learned from personal experience that seeking therapy can be intimidating, especially for children and teens. I work to create a warm, empathetic, and non-judgmental therapeutic environment to encourage children and teenagers to be open and comfortable during session.

I can be reached directly (including text) at 816-343-4162 or by email at hannah@cfhtherapy.com

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