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Center for Family Healing

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Our counselors do not take sides and do not believe that people are broken. We specialize in relationship counseling, even if it's with an individual client.  This includes marriage, premarital, dating, parenting, extended family, and work place relationships.  We help people wanting to save relationships, those wanting to end them, or those that are not sure.

Though we specialize in relationship work, we help with numerous individual concerns, such as depression, anxiety, grief, career, spiritual distress, coping, and much more.

If you have experience with counseling, you may know that counselor turnover is common. And getting follow up appointments are often difficult.  Our counselors are here to stay and you will not have trouble getting appointments.

Our offices in Leavenworth and Lawrence Kansas are open Evenings and Weekends, Monday through Sunday, 9 am to 9 pm, by appointment only. Immediate openings available. Hours vary by clinician.


We also provide Telehealth counseling.  Please specify during your intake if you would like this option.

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