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Current Clients


Need to schedule a time with us? Make an appointment online at our scheduling portal or call our office at (913) 271-7099. 


Need to reschedule? Please contact your therapist within 24 hours of your appointment to avoid a charge for your session. 

Contact information:

Richard Bates


Joseph Pagan


Laura Drinkard


Hannah Sedgwick


Benjamin Smalley


Fees and Payment Policies

All initial and subsequent sessions are assessed on an honor system ability to pay scale, as follows:

  • Households making less than $100,000 (before taxes) pay $100

  • Households making between $100,000-$125,000 pay $110

  • Between $125,000 and $150,000 is $125

  • Greater than $150,000 is $150


Sessions last 50 minutes.  Some people come once a week, others every two weeks, still others monthly.


A 24 hour cancellation is required for all sessions to avoid being charged the session rate.  Please do not ask for exceptions to this policy.  This allows other clients a time that they may not otherwise have available.  


Payment is due at time of service and the previous missed appointment fee will be due at the beginning of the following session.  Cash, personal checks, credit and debit cards are acceptable forms of payment.  Please write checks to CFH.  For returned checks, a $35 assessment fee will be charged, a 3% processing fee, and the cost of the previous and current session will be due at the next session, to be paid by debit or credit card or cash.

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