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Joseph Pagan


Lawrence, KS location

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Friends University

Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

University of Phoenix

Bachelors of Science in Psychology 

About Joseph

At 45, I'm young enough to be "hip" and old enough to be a grandfather!  I have four children, from 11 to 24, and two grandchildren, aged 1 and 3.  And I'm crazy about my wife!

Struggling to help your teen?  Your teen self destructing?  Need help parenting your teen? Need your teen to talk to someone?  I'm your guy.

Things not good with your partner?  Fighting a lot?  They won't grow for you ?  Is there infidelity?  Is it abusive?  Things can be different and I'll show you how.

Struggling with your spiritual life?  Have you been abused spiritually?  Looking for purpose and direction?  Don't know what to do about your career?  I promise I have the answers.

I self destructed myself as a teen...and young adult.  I was an absent father. My parents were self destructive.  I got to a better place...a much better place.  I learned, forgave myself, and forgave my parents.  I became the parent my kids deserve.

I will not take anyone's side.  Even if you want me to, still I will not.  We all have contribution to our problems and contribution for the solution.  I'll make the hidden known to you.  You will have clarity.

Since 2015, I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing here in Kansas. I work with Families, Couples, Individuals, and Teens. I specialize in treating trauma, depression, and anxiety. For the last seven years I have worked with teens in Lawrence and at Free State High Schools.

I can be reached directly by email at

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