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At Center for Family Healing,  you are a person, not a “diagnosis”. There are no bad people, only better ways of coping. This is not a court. No one is on trial. You will not be judged. Instead, freedom begins here.


Let us help put you on the path to individual and relational growth through counseling and therapy.

About CFH

Meet our therapists

Richard Bates Counselor Therapist Leavenworth, KS


Richard Bates

I will not ask you to do what I haven’t done myself; and what I have done is found peace, purpose, love, joy and understanding.  A therapist helped me get there.   Learn More

Laura Drinkard LMFT counselor therapist.

LCMFT, M.S.F.T., B.S Psychology

Laura Drinkard

As a relationship therapist, I have grown to know intimacy without shame or fear.  I have done the work I will ask you to do. I help I specialize in many struggles that couples often face such as parenting, infidelity, bitterness and resentment. Learn More

Hannah Sedgwick counselor therapist Leavenworth, KS

LMFT, M.S.F.T., B.A. Psychology

Hannah Sedgwick

Two of my biggest passions are working with children/teenagers and working with athletes. I work to create a warm, empathetic, and non-judgmental therapeutic environment to encourage children and teenagers to be open and comfortable. Learn More

Benjamin Smalley Therapist Counselor Lawrence, KS

LMFT, M.S.F.T., B.A. Philosophy

Benjamin Smalley

I’ve wrestled with feelings of worthlessness, broken relationships and been filled with anxiety and sadness. I coped with those feelings with many destructive vices. At a certain point, I knew I wanted more for myself and better for my future.   Learn More


Licensed Masters Level Social Worker

Nik Schuetz

Whether you are healing from pain, suffering from loss, feeling overwhelmed, or you cannot find words to express what or how you are feeling, I am here to show you that there is hope and there is a way to make things better.   Learn More