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James Nickelsen


Lawrence/Leavenworth locations

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Friends University

Masters in Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

Ambassador University

BA in Theology

About Jimmy

The child, teen, parenting, spiritual and relationship counselor

Wondering if you should remain with your partner?  So have I.  Feel like roommates?  Worry what will happen to your kids should you get divorced?  Feeling hopeless in your relationship?  Feeling life has no purpose?  Have no direction?  Problems with your parents?  What is your role with aging parents?  Feeling like you could parent better?  Feel trapped in your job?  Is your relationship abusive?  Discover an affair?

I will never take sides.  I don't see anyone as the bad one (like the "cheater" or "abuser").  We all have contributions to our problems.  We have all been neglected, abused, or betrayed.  We have all been the abuser, betrayer or neglector.

I promise I have the answers.  The rest will be up to you!

I can be reached directly by email at

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