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Laura Drinkard

Leavenworth (Lawrence via Telehealth), KS locations

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Friends University

Masters in Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

Washburn University

BS Psychology

About Laura

The Infidelity and Women's Therapist.


Therapy can be different from what you've experienced before. Faced with the fear of divorce? I have been there, conquered those fears and have come out soaring on the other side. Sometimes the best thing for a relationship is for it to end and sometimes it just needs some tweaking for it to be exactly the way you hoped it would be. It can be hard to know for sure if the relationship is too far gone, if it can be saved, or if you even want the relationship. We can work together to make sense of your experience.

Feeling nervous about coming to counseling? Some people worry they won’t get a voice in therapy, that they will be shamed for what they’ve done or how they feel. I'm not a conventional therapist and have different views and ideas on things like affairs. I want to hear both people's experience.

Although I specialize in relationships, divorce, and affairs, there are so many other areas where I can help. I have overcome low self-esteem and poor body image in my own life. Maybe how you see yourself is affecting your relationship. You don’t have to live in self hatred, you can be free. I am excited to meet you and hear about what is on your heart.

I can be reached directly by email at

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