Laura Drinkard

Leavenworth, KS location

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Laura Drinkard LMFT counselor therapist.


Friends University

Masters in Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

Washburn University

BS Psychology

About Laura

Having been married for 11 years and a parent to a beautiful daughter for 9, I have done the very things I will ask you to do.  Let me show you how to have the most amazing connection. I have grown to know intimacy without shame or fear.

Therapy can be different.  I work with every aspect and stage of relationships; including the end of it.  Maybe you are faced with the fear of divorce. I have been there and faced those fears and have come out soaring on the other side.  Sometimes the best thing for a relationship is for it to end and sometimes it just needs some tweaking for it to be exactly the way you hoped it would be. It can be hard to know for sure if the relationship is too far gone or if it can be saved, or if you even want the relationship. We can work together to make sense of your experience. 


Maybe you’re reading this and you’re nervous to come to counseling because you feel an overwhelming amount of shame. This happens a lot with infidelity. Some people worry they won’t get a voice in therapy and that they will be shamed for what they’ve done or how they feel. I don’t consider myself to be a conventional therapist and have very different views on things like affairs.  I care deeply about your voice and want to hear how both people experience the relationship.       


Although I specialize in relationships, divorce, and affairs, there are so many other areas where I can help. I have struggled a lot in my life with self worth in every regard, but weight and how I look has been the hardest. Perhaps you’re in a place where your self worth is really starting to affect your relationships.  You don’t have to live in self hatred forever, you can be free.

My background includes working in the mental health field for 10 years, family reintegration, and special education. Having a diverse work history, in conjunction with my own growth, and training as a relationship therapist, allows me to see you and your story fully for greater success in therapy.

I can be reached directly (including text) at 785-379-3373 or by email at